July 18, 2021


  • Arcane Missiles! will no longer proc with Brain Freeze (all ranks) or Hot Streak talents active
  • Ring of Frost now continues to freeze opponents if the mage is affected by any other crowd control effect other than Cyclone or a frost lockout

  • Rogue
  • Savage Combat (both ranks) will now properly get removed from the rogue's targets out of combat

  • Druid
  • Hibernate is now on the Disorient DR
  • Corrected damage calculations of Thorns for feral druids out of shapeshift forms

  • Shaman
  • Lava Burst will now check for Unleash Flame on impact and recalculate damage if it was active on cast but consumed during travel

  • Paladin
  • Conviction (all ranks) can no longer proc from the HoT effect of Holy Radiance

  • Death Knight
  • Ebon Plague no longer gets applied from spells stolen by Dark Simulacrum
  • Unholy Blight is no longer affected by resilience

    Dragon Soul

  • Heroic Will's root effect will now properly get removed if the effect ends before the full duration
  • PVP


  • Fixed crash with players interrupting channeled spells in PvP scenarios
  • Battle Standards will now adapt to cross faction
  • Corrected Shadow Sight (eyes) spawn times to an universal 90 seconds
  • Unholy Death Knights can no longer buff their pets with Shadow Infusion during the preparation phase

  • Isle of Conquest

  • Fixed crash related to transports


  • Fixed worgen questline, updated quest templates, corrected flags, fixed combat bugs, panels now close on completion properly, double popups no longer occur on discovery type quests
  • Implemented 9 progressive phases and their settings, added cutscenes
  • Corrected scripts/positioning/gossip/behaviour/movement speed for 182 NPCs/events/objects/items/spell targets
  • Corrected 7700 gestures/emotions during creatures saying text/voicelines

  • Westfall

  • Updated quest templates, corrected flags, reworked zone phasing for 8 phases
  • Corrected scripts/behaviour/positioning/phasing/spawn points for 172 NPCs/items/events

  • Cleaned up ~10k NPCs
  • MISC

  • All diminishing returns will have a random reset timer between 15s and 20s, up from a static 15s
  • Reworked randomness for Noggenfogger Elixir's effect applications
  • Parachute (Flexweave Underlay) now properly fades when user hits the ground
  • Corrected legacy PvP item prices in Area 52, Netherstorm

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